Acura NSX replacement still delayed due to design issues

Here's the only firm detail about the new Acura NSX: it will have a new ten-hole engine. While the designers have been trading bodyslams and suplexes over what the next Honda supercar will look like, engineers took the opportunity to collaborate about wrist pins, valve geometry, and vee angles. Everyone involved does acknowledge that it has to look right, thus the contention. Time has not yet slipped through Acura's fingers, and the company wants to avoid the stagnation that leaves a 2005 NSX looking little different than a '91. Acura's going to realign their brand, and the NSX is part of that effort, along with the new RL sedan that will be coming in 2010. According to Acura's Executive VP Dick Colliver, as far behind as the NSX is, the RL's further back. Assuaging fears, Colliver quickly adds that there's still time to get it together.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub Req.]

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