JE Design intros Audi TT 8J body kit

JE Design has gone and messed with the Audi TT. The changes are subtle, which is good, because it's hard to improve upon the TT's form. The JE kit will surely draw mixed reviews, though we like that their kit still lets what's good about the car shine. There's new pieces for the chin spoiler in front, adding strange little vents at the leading edge of the wheel opening. We can't imagine that they actually serve any purpose – perhaps they vent heat from the foglamps? We're sure that's a common problem. The requisite overly-large, overly-low-profile tires are there, but the benefit of the bigger rolling stock is left unrealized. We see puny (puny's such a relative term) brakes hiding out behind the wheels. The only functional point behind ultra-low profile rubber and rims beyond 17" is to fit as much brake rotor diameter as possible under there, and what we're seeing is plenty of extra clearance around everything. And apparently twin exhaust outlets do not a fast car make; they've been superceded by quad tips. The smooth rear decklid has had a lip spoiler applied to add some downforce. What the spoiler really does is add a pimple to the ass of an otherwise smooth form. The stock pop-up spoiler gets in the game to add downforce, and when it's retracted, you're not going fast enough to need any extra drag. It'll look real racy in traffic at an average speed of 15mph, though.

[Source: JE Design]

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