Connaught and Caparo conspiring on Type-D

Connaught's getting help from a fellow British sports car maker to get the Type-D to market next year. Caparo's vehicle engineering division, which does much the same thing as Lotus - supplying parts and engineering services to customers, will build the steel and composite chassis for the Type D. Caparo will also supply the body panels to Connaught, and production is planned to begin in June 2008. Connaught's original plan was to have a supplier based outside the UK provide chassis and superstructure, but Caparo managed to win the deal instead. We're sure fans of British iron are pleased that the Type D will be a properly English endeavor, and we're anxiously awaiting our chance to sample the uniquely-styled high performance ride. We wonder if Lucas will be tapped as the supplier for electrical components (not that it would matter – it's not the bad old days anymore)?

[Source: Autocar]

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