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Ford comes up with a smart jacket for cyclists

Prototype jacket features turn indicators and brake lights

Ford's smart jacket aims to solve a number of safety issues related to commuting on a bicycle.

Norway now wants to turn oil profits into bicycle highways

Norway's plan is ambitious and expensive.

Norway is planning to build 10 bicycle 'super cycleways' that will serve nine cities. They will cost nearly $1 billion.

Translogic 161: Detroit Bike Culture Explored

We go for a spin with Detroit Bikes, Slow Roll Detroit and the East Side Riders

Bike culture has taken over Detroit, from group rides that attract massive crowds to new manufacturing in old factories.

Peak Car is so 2004, now get on your bike and ride

So, the US metropolitan areas with the largest percentage jump in commuters that bike to work are Portland, Madison, San Francisco and Denver. Now that we've gotten the "no duh" portion of the US Public Interest Research Group's (PIRG) recent study on urban driving habits out of the way, we can dig further into a report that argues that we're about nine years past the year when "peak car" happened.

Edinburgh enacts 20-mph speed limit to encourage bike-riding

Sammy Hagar won't be visiting Edinburgh anytime soon. The "I Can't Drive 55" rocker would undoubtedly be aghast by the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and its plan to enforce a speed limit of 20 miles per hour throughout most of its residential and busier commercial districts, all for the sake of encouraging cycling and reducing traffic-related injuries, the Edinburgh N

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How private passenger cars are the landline phones of the future

Passenger might one day go the way of landline telephones. Everyone was dependent upon them until, somehow, mobile phones became ubiquitous and landlines began fading away. Maurie Cohen, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Environment Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, says the analogy is a good one.

WA state representative argues bikes pollute more than cars, backpedals

Isn't bicycling supposed to reduce carbon emissions and free up traffic jam congestion? Well, it's actually making matters worse, argues a state representative from Washington. "You would be giving off more CO2 if you are riding a bike than driving in a car," claims Ed Orcutt (R – Kalama, WA).

As Cities Add Bike-Friendly Lanes, Police On Lookout For Road Rage Incidents

Motorist sparks debate with photo of helmet less cyclist on highway

We all know about road rage when the incident involves motorist versus motorist. But there are increasing incidents of road rage motorist against bicyclists.

Cyclists Turn To Cams To Record Road-Rage Episodes

One biking organization says hostility from drivers is on the rise

Chris Davis is a bike messenger in car-centric Houston. He's been called every epithet in the book, had motorists wait behind him, revving their engines, sometimes coming within inches of his wheels.

30 Zipcar users walk 2,250 miles, bike 4,200 miles on 30-day low-car diet

They walked more than 2,250 miles, biked nearly 4,200 miles, took 1,175 trips on public transit, and lost 165 pounds. Those are the results of the Zipcar 30-day "Low-Car Diet." This is a situation when numbers truly tell the tale.

Cyclist Rides On Water For Charity

No that isn't our host Bradley trying out another levitating water device. This is British teenager Matt Whitehurst cycling atop 75 feet of lake water to promote the Jennings Rivers Ride, a fundraising event for the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund.

Does driving make you fat? Can public transportation, biking and walking keep you skinny?

To follow up on our recent article titled "Overweight and overfueled - fat America uses more gas" we thought we'd offer some additional information that's relevant to the topic. A recent study conducted by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) suggests that U.S. drivers may be overweight partially due to factors beyond their

Bikes getting the boot in Charleston, SC? Proposal shot down, but it's not over yet

Cyclists in the city of Charleston, SC may soon be faced with the daunting task of finding a legal place to park their two-wheeled rides or risk getting the boot instead. The quaint southern city has proposed regulations to crack down on cyclists who decide to defy the law by locking their bikes to parking meters, city signage, trees and the like. The proposal states that the city can immobilize the illegally parked bikes by locking them up until a $45 fine is paid. In extreme cases, the city co

Walking, biking more popular than ever; now make up 11.9% of all travel trips

Just a few days ago, the Federal Highway Administration released "The National Biking and Walking Study: a 15-year Status Report." The study covers walking and bicycling trends in the U.S. from 1990 to present. As the chart shows and the study reveals, more and more Americans are hitting the streets either on two feet or with two wheels a-rolling. From the launch of the study in 1990 to the last update in 2009, the number of trips traveled

Big Ideas, season 2 preview: Transport

The Sundance Channel's Big Ideas For A Small Planet is back. The eco-solutions show tidily takes on an issue - like, say Fuel or Drive in episodes from last year's season - and finds three "Big Ideas" to discuss in a half-hour. Sometimes, the episodes ar

Where's Gilbert biking? Across America to save us money on gas

Gilbert Tang is worried. In just over two months, he plans on flying to New York from Los Angeles just in order to get on a bike and make the return journey. The idea is to draw attention to the fact that "our bodies provide everything we need to go wherever we please." This might be true, but Tang admits that he's not exactly in tip-top shape and this attempt to ride 3,000+ miles across America could very well end in failure. As he wro

Bike trends: chainless, brake less, retrodirect, illegal bike positions

Want to know the hottest trends in bikes? Well, you have come to the right place. The picture above is Dekra's "chainless" bike which replaces your standard noisy, greasy chain with a totally self contained system. Not simple enough? Another popular trend are super simple fixed gear or track bikes that are single speed, do not coast (the wheel only turns when you ped

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