Where's Gilbert biking? Across America to save us money on gas

Gilbert Tang is worried. In just over two months, he plans on flying to New York from Los Angeles just in order to get on a bike and make the return journey. The idea is to draw attention to the fact that "our bodies provide everything we need to go wherever we please." This might be true, but Tang admits that he's not exactly in tip-top shape and this attempt to ride 3,000+ miles across America could very well end in failure. As he wrote in an email to AutoblogGreen:
The purpose of the trip is to raise awareness for reduced fuel and energy consumption. I'm trying to prove that people of average means and physical (and mental, I guess) health can utilize alternative methods of transportation in their daily lives without significant compromise.

On his blog, Gilbert writes:

I want people to know it's possible, regardless of age, fitness level, or income to contribute to our collective need for inexpensive, but feasible alternative forms of transportation no matter where we live or work. This journey is how I will do it.

Sure, cross-country trips can attract attention, but there's nothing wrong with just using alternative methods of transportation in his daily life to prove the same point. In any case, we look forward to checking in on Gilbert's journey and we'll see how far his legs will take him.

[Source: Gilbert Rides Across America]

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