Bike trends: chainless, brake less, retrodirect, illegal bike positions

Want to know the hottest trends in bikes? Well, you have come to the right place. The picture above is Dekra's "chainless" bike which replaces your standard noisy, greasy chain with a totally self contained system. Not simple enough? Another popular trend are super simple fixed gear or track bikes that are single speed, do not coast (the wheel only turns when you pedal) and have no brakes. Not strange enough for you? How about "retrodirect" bikes which, unlike most bike where pedaling backwards either brakes the bike or does nothing, retrodirect bikes pedaling backwards moves the bike forward. A video of a retrodirect bike in action is below the fold.

How about a biking controversy over a speed record (yes, biking actually has a controversy that didn't involve doping)? Graeme Obree made a bike from washing machine parts with the innovative tuck position (where the handlebars allow the rider ride with their hands close to their body) and broke biking records. The world governing body of biking, Union Cycliste Internationale, said the position is illegal, so Graeme created the superman position which the UCI said was illegal as well. The whole story was the subject of a book and movie, The Flying Scotsman, and you can watch the trailer for the film below the fold.

[Source: NRP, YouTube]

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