North Carolina companies are getting behind transportation alternatives in a big way

Photo by Hjem. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

The shift continues. A lot of North Carolina business are trying to find ways to help employees reduce some of the sting of high gas prices by encouraging all sorts of transportation alternatives and giving non-traditional bonuses. The News & Observer newspaper collected a lot of the efforts into one story, and the list is pretty amazing. As we noted the other day, a four-day workweek is becoming more common across the country, but the options in the North Carolina Triangle area are varied. Companies are offering telecommuting options and gas card bonuses, along with rewards for carpooling, premium parking spaces for hybrid or biofuel-powered vehicles. At least one company is getting extra smart and reducing the number of trips it is sending its employees on. Renting cars for employee trips - instead of reimbursing workers for taking their own vehicles, which costs more - is becoming more common. And those are just some of the options. I'm sure any newspaper in America could create a similar story to the one the News & Observer put together. It's just the way it is today.

[Source: The News & Observer via EVWorld]

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