Sammy Hagar won't be visiting Edinburgh anytime soon. The "I Can't Drive 55" rocker would undoubtedly be aghast by the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and its plan to enforce a speed limit of 20 miles per hour throughout most of its residential and busier commercial districts, all for the sake of encouraging cycling and reducing traffic-related injuries, the Edinburgh News reports.

The city has already been piloting the lowered speed limit in the city's Marchmont district and found that average driving speed fell about 10 percent to 21 miles per hour (yes, folks will always break the speed limit). The speed limit there was lowered from 30 miles per hour to the lower, mule-walking-backwards pace. Of course, city officials and biking advocates praised the plan, though a spokesman for the Institute of Advanced Motorists told the publication that the plan shouldn't be extended to straight, arterial roads because any speed limits there will merely be ignored. But we already knew that.

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