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Kiwi the autonomous robot delivers your food

Get your food faster with this bot

Get your food faster with this bot.

Hackers 'mind-control' a Tesla Model S

UC Berkeley researchers create telepathic Tesla in 36 hours.

Think, and it moves.

Berkeley findings says motorcycle lane-splitting safer than ever [w/video, poll]

The latest study seems to indicate that riders are better off splitting lanes than ever before.

Berkeley study says drivers of roomier vehicles more likely to be unethical

Researchers from MIT and Berkeley have conducted a rather interesting study on the correlation between posture and behavior. While this normally wouldn't be of much interest, the study analyzed more specifically how a car's seating position can affect the driver's behavior, which we find to be a rather interesting hypothesis.

San Francisco Bay Area will get e-bike sharing program

For anyone looking to find out if an electric-powered bike can make it up Telegraph Hill's Filbert Street in San Francisco, you'll soon get your chance.

Want: house made of recycled car parts, mostly Dodge Caravans

Automakers are be quick to tell us that their new vehicles are upwards of 90 percent recyclable, but they don't mean it like this. What we have here is a house that was crafted using parts scrounged from local junk yards, turning what used to be a pile of trash into a beautiful, high-end, eco-conscious home.

CleanTech Conference highlights electric vehicle innovation, policy and China

When you bring together two universities known for their expertise in future transportation technologies and combine them with company leaders and pioneers in the green vehicle industry, you end up with a lot of knowledgeable people packed into a single room at an event called the Cleantech Conference. An event of this magnitude, focusing almost entirely on electric vehicles, is a relatively rare occurrence that should not be missed. Sadly, we'll be missing it.

Bloom is off the biodiesel rose: Berkeley says "no" to soy biofuel

Often in the lead in progressive causes, the City of Berkeley started using biodiesel in more than 100 city vehicles six years ago. For a while, the biofuel came from recycled waste grease and everyone was happy. The source shifted to crop soybeans when not enough grease could be found but, due to new concerns about growing crops for fuel, the city has now decided that enough is enough. The City Council took delivery of its last shipment of biodiesel made from soy last month and will discuss for

Toyota delivers pair of plug-in Prius to California universities

Leaving no stone unturned when looking at a more efficient future, Toyota has teamed up with the Univerisity of California to further study the viability of plug-in hybrid versions of the Prius. As part of the research, Toyota donated two prototype Prius models modified for plug-in operations to the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley and the Advanced Power and Energy Program at UC Irvine. The two university programs will study ways to measure and test fuel economy and emissions,

City of Berkeley commits to purchase 40 plug-in hybrid vehicles

The city of Berkeley, California has committed to buy a fleet of plug-in hybrid vehicles as soon as a car maker actually starts to build some. Berkeley is planning on purchasing 40 plug-in hybrids and follows a previous decision by Marin County to make a similar "soft-order". Even though no car-maker is currently building such vehicles, municipalities are indicating their intentions in an effort to demonstrate that there is sufficient demand to justify production. S