Sometimes I think our friend Xeni from Boing Boing TV is having a little too much fun. I mean, is cruising down the Berkeley streets in electric vehicles shaped like cupcakes even work? That's an art project, no? The cupcakes have names like Buttercream, S&M and English Muffin depending on the driver and the icing decoration. These are not mass-market sweets.

If the "cakesploitation" style of the first half of the video isn't your style, stick around for the second half, where the Muffineers open up and show how these BEVs are made. The electric muffins are built and operated by a group of "Silicon Valley nerds (including one engineer from Tesla Motors) and Burning Man enthusiasts" as Boing Boing describes them. These are not the safest rides (one doesn't have brakes), but I'd happily cruise around with the gang for a while. Also, there is at least one word that might be NSFW in this clip, just so you know.

[Source: Boing Boing and Xeni]

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