When you bring together two universities known for their expertise in future transportation technologies and combine them with company leaders and pioneers in the green vehicle industry, you end up with a lot of knowledgeable people packed into a single room at an event called the Cleantech Conference. An event of this magnitude, focusing almost entirely on electric vehicles, is a relatively rare occurrence that should not be missed. Sadly, we'll be missing it.

Nonetheless, the upcoming conference will cover topics ranging from technology and infrastructure to the policies and economics that will contribute to the success or failure of the electric vehicle. A candid discussion of China – including topics such as the country's impact on the electric car market and the nation's overall importance in the automotive industry – is sure to bring some heated debate and open the eyes of individuals that still see China as a small player despite the nation's push to become the world's largest automotive market.

The CleanTech Conference will be held at the PG&E Headquarters in San Francisco, CA. May 5th. The guest speaker list includes many well-known individuals in the electric vehicle industry including representatives from Tesla Motors, Coda Automotive, Mission Motors and Better Place to name just a few. To register for the day-long event, follow the link below. This is your chance to learn all about the industry from people who really know their stuff. Thanks to Chris for the tip!

[Source: BSCleanTech]

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