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The evolution of sensors and monitoring equipment has enhanced over the past 10 years.

Key fobs make it easier to get into vehicles.


By the end of 2016, GM will be 4 percent of the way there.

The company has made progress. A little, tiny bit of progress.

It’s finally happened to you.

A reliable battery in your vehicle ensures that you make it to your destination regardless of the weather or time of day.

Within a few years, the total amount of all-electric car models has gone from a select, expensive few to well more than a dozen, with most major brands and a handful of new companies throwing their best technologies and innovations into these models.

The battery light or charging warning light, available on the dashboard of your car, indicates malfunctioning or poor charging of the battery.

Most people who have been around cars for a good chunk of their lives have experienced the hassle and inconvenience associated with a dead battery.


Tesla's supply costs could surge as lithium demand doubles by 2020.

Tesla Motors may be enlisting more firms to complement Panasonic's efforts to meet lithium-ion battery demand.

Although simple in nature, battery cables are one of the most important components of a vehicle’s electrical system.

Part of what makes a modern battery work so effectively is the ‘wet cell’ design they utilize.


Some say Graphenano claims, plans don't past muster.

Spain-based Graphenano touts graphene battery technology for improvements over lithium ion.

Whether at home, work, school or out on a shopping trip, it's never a pleasant situation to sit down in your driver’s seat and find your vehicle won't start.

How to Care For Your Car Battery Your car’s battery tends to be neglected until there you have difficulty starting your car, and it is usually when the weather turns cold.

Your car battery is a storage device for the electrical power you need to start your car and operate your car’s options.

Changing your car battery is a simple and easy automotive repair that you can actually accomplish yourself with the right preparation and a little physical strength.

It is safe to say that every car owner reading this has likely experienced that time where you were leaving your home or walking out to your sitting car, only to discover that the battery in your car was dead.

Discovering your vehicle won't start due to a dead battery is a sure way to dampen anyone's day.

It never fails - you’re in a rush and the kids are throwing a tantrum in the backseat.