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Waymo self-driving vehicles face attacks in Arizona

Slashing tires, throwing rocks, brake-checking, and a game of chicken

People have been sabotaging Waymo test vehicles and endangering their safety drivers' safety.

Autonomous Mustang drunkenly meanders up Goodwood hillclimb

It completes the course ... eventually

It completes the course ... eventually.

GM begins mass-production of autonomous Cruise AV in 2019

It's a Bolt with technology bolted on — but no steering wheel or pedals

General Motors has announced that the fully autonomous Cruise AV will go into production in 2019. GM will invest more then $100 million to build the Bolt-based, self-driving EV at the Orion Township assembly plant in Michigan, alongside the standard Bolt and the Sonic. The roof modules containing lidar arrays, cameras, radar, and other sensors for the Cruise AV will be manufactured at the Brownstown Battery Assembly Plant. GM says this is "the first production-ready vehicle built from the start

GM's self-driving cars involved in six accidents in September

Coexisting with less careful human drivers is really difficult.

Most of the crashes involved drivers of other vehicles striking the GM cars that were slowing for stop signs, pedestrian or other issues.

Yandex's on-demand taxi service debuts its self-driving car project

Yandex says that testing is coming on public roads within a year.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to trust autonomous cars

39 percent of Baby Boomers want self-driving cars off their lawn.

All but 11 percent of Generation Z customers say they trust self-driving technology.

Intel invests in Nokia's old mapping division for foothold in autonomous car tech

The chipmaker has also revealed that the pair will work together to build a new high-definition mapping platform for self-driving cars.

What personality will your autonomous car have?

Servant, guide, companion, or something else? Intriguing possibilities discussed.

Your autonomous vehicle may not be a sterile pod. A panel of design experts imagines what the future may hold.

Panel: Evolved design for an autonomous age | UPSHIFT 2016

Autonomy opens a world of opportunity to car designers. Join our panel of designers and thought leaders as we explore how driverless cars will activate a design revolution. This panel includes, Mark Prommel, Melissa Cefkin, Paul Snyder, and Brett Berk.

US government outlines policy on self-driving cars

Finally, there's going to be some rules. Or at least strong suggestions.

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Tesla Autopilot Involved In Fatal Crash | Autoblog Minute

A motorist is killed while using Tesla Autopilot. In what is believed to be the first fatal accident involving Tesla's autonomous driving feature.

Elon Musk doesn't think Google will compete with Tesla - but Apple could

Silicon Valley sure seems interested in cars.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is watching the competition closely, including electric cars from existing manufacturers, and potentially Apple.

Watch this autonomous rally car destroy a dirt track

Georgia Tech researchers have a truck that learns to drive aggressively.

Ex-Googlers found self-driving truck company called Otto

Otto was founded by former Googlers Anthony Levandowski, Lior Ron, Don Burnette, and Claire Delaunay to "rethink" commercial trucking.

Michigan's trump card for autonomous car testing: potholes

The state is proposing using the Willow Run site, formerly home to a WWII bomber plant and a GM transmission facility, as a federally-funded test track.

Autonomous cars are big at CES, but they leave consumers uneasy

One critic urges drivers to look past 'glitzy spin,' of CES and place restraints on self-driving technology.

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How anthropology can make autonomous cars safer

What happens when robot cars meet complex social interaction, like head nods, horn honks, or even road rage? Dr. Melissa Cefkin is here to teach autonomous cars how to behave.

This is Uber's map-making car

It's been confirmed that Uber is using a camera-studded car to make maps, but it's not autonomous.

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