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Autoline streaming live from Detroit Auto Show right now

As you can already see, the Autoblog team is digging deep to bring you everything from the Detroit Auto Show media days today and tomorrow, with obsessive coverage of all of the new sheetmetal, hot concepts and industry news. But we're hardly alone in Cobo Hall, and our friend John McElroy and his Autoline team h

TRANSLOGIC's Guide To Geneva Motor Show 2012

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the world's most tech-forward auto shows. There are nine separate areas devoted to different types of transportation; everything from concepts and new production debuts to tuners and electric cars make their way to Switzerland's capital every March. Autoblog alone covered almost 90 new vehicles. Here are some of our favorites:

Event Alert: February 2010 Calendar of Automotive Events

Just like January equals Detroit, February means Chicago for auto show lovers. The major players will again descend upon McCormick Place in the Windy City, along the banks of the still-frozen Lake Michigan. Other auto shows in February include the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto, plus regional shows in Frank Filipponio

Woodward Dream Cruise 2007: How we roll...

Click above image to see our car and ghetto-style streaming equipment

Autoblog Relaunch Celebration Sweepstakes featuring the All-New 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T: And the winner is...

The waiting is over! It is our distinct pleasure to announce that reader Gregory Fredericksen is the winner of the Autoblog Relaunch Celebration Sweepstakes featuring the All-New 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T! Greg has won himself a brand-spanking-new 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T valued at over $29,000, featuring a 260-horsepower 4.0L V6, 20" chrome-clad wheels, the optional MyGIG™ Multimedia Infotainment System, and a factory power sunroof. Congratulations, Greg!

In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Mazda CX-7 GT AWD

click above image to view more pics of the 2007 Mazda CX-7 GT AWD

Geneva Motor Show: Autoblog invades Geneva searching for cocoa and cars

Mmm... what could be better than sipping an authentic cup of Swiss Miss while taking in one of the largest auto shows in the world. For one thing, Swiss Miss is owned by multinational mega-company ConAgra Foods, and the delectable chocolate drink was actually invented by a Sicilian. This doesn't change the fact that Geneva Motor Show is one of the largest auto shows in the world, and the 77th iteration of the Geneva Motor Show

Autoblog Podcast #36

On this week's episode, Damon and I break down what occurred between Mazda and the RX-8 community late last week. We also go over the new GMT900 pickups and how new battle lines are being drawn in the pickup wars thanks to high gas prices. We couldn't let the week go by with talking about Playboy, as well. This month's issue of the men's magazine was chock full bunnies, Rabbits and high-priced exotics. We end the show expressing our lament for another Enzo that has bitten the dust and give our b

Ford designers dumping clay for computers

Computers have aided in the design of cars for decades now and each passing year sees the big beige boxes becoming a more important design tool than the pencil itself. Ford is on the cutting edge of computer aided design with a new software system called Bunkspeed that allows a design to go straight from a sketch into a computer model. Once digitized the design can then be manipulate

BMW 130i M Sport - 4/5 an M1

BMW seems able to apply its formula of perfect weight distribution plus rear-wheel drive to virtually any automotive form to produce a world-class dance partner. The 1-Series is the smallest of BMWs and the latest to be slapped on the ass with an M badge, although this version would be more accurately described as M-lite.

VW gives its EcoRacer the finger

One of the things we missed about VW’s EcoRacer when it debuted at the 39th Annual Tokyo Motor Show was a little piece of technology living on top of its gearshift. Beneath a flip-up panel on the head of the stick lies a biometric scanner that can identify the fingerprint of whoever is driving the car. If, for instance, your overzealous offspring swipe the keys to your brand new EcoRacer, t