Woodward Dream Cruise 2007: How we roll...

Click above image to see our car and ghetto-style streaming equipment

We're blessed to be automotive journalists in the first place, but we're doubly blessed this weekend to have a Jaguar XK-R Convertible in the Autoblog Garage the same weekend as the Woodward Dream Cruise. This is our Official Dream Cruiser for the festivities, and you'll be sure to see us out idling with the rest of the cruisers later on in the day.

Our other Official Dream Cruiser is Chris Shunk's Ford Freestyle, which at the moment is being used as the mobile command center for our streaming operation. The set up is a bit... ghetto, but it's getting the job done even better than we had hoped.

Check out the gallery below to see the Autoblog HQ at Royal Oak Ford north of 11 mile and our ultra low-tech streaming set up. Please don't laugh, it will hurt our feelings.

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