BMW 130i M Sport - 4/5 an M1

BMW seems able to apply its formula of perfect weight distribution plus rear-wheel drive to virtually any automotive form to produce a world-class dance partner. The 1-Series is the smallest of BMWs and the latest to be slapped on the ass with an M badge, although this version would be more accurately described as M-lite.

The 130i M Sport is like four-fifths the car you would expect a proper M1 to be. GermanCarFans recently got to road test the four-door hatch, which drives off the lot thanks to BMW’s 3.0L inline six that produces a prodigious though not preposterous 265 hp. That’s enough to make an R32 think twice at a light, and rumors still persist about a proper M1 that could have a V8 shoehorned under the hood. Here's hoping the premium small car segment in North America becomes competitive enough for BMW to take notice by then.

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