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Self-driving startup Aurora to buy lidar company Blackmore

Blackmore says its technology has greater range

Blackmore says its technology has greater range.

Rivian EV truck maker gets big money from Amazon

Amazon also placed a big bet on Aurora self-driving startup last week

Amazon also placed a big bet on Aurora self-driving startup last week.

Good Samaritans Help Lift Car Off Mom and Child Pinned Underneath

Victims are expected to survive thanks to quick action

Fast-acting Good Samaritans helped save the lives of a mother and child who were run over and trapped underneath a car in Aurora, Colorado.

Aurora Racing preps GT1-spec Alpina B6

What you see above is a BMW 6 Series - but just barely. Since leaving Munich, it's been transformed into the B6 by Alpina, then into the race-spec B6 GT3, and is now in the process of being converted to top-tier GT1 spec by yet another company, Aurora Racing Designs.

Odysseus: a Z-shaped solar aircraft, built for DARPA

DARPA, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has set a seemingly impossible task, known as the Vulture program, by calling for an aircraft which can remain in the sky for five years while generating five kilowatts of power for a 1,000 pound payload. The Odysseus by Aurora Flight Sciences, which h

Ugliest Car Ever: The Aurora (no, not that one)

click above image for gallery of the Aurora Safety Car

Autoblog RR of the Day: Final 500 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora

While in Paris, Eric Bryant and I spent a lot of time pounding the pavement on the streets of Paris and talking all things autos. Invariably we touched upon Oldsmobile's demise, the reliving of which inspired today's RR of the Day. Owned by a 20-something Flickr member who goes by the handle madeindetroit_2006, this 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora is one of the Final 500, the last half-thou of Auroras built at GM's Orion, Michigan plant. It features the 4.0-liter John Neff