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We like big butts, but we cannot lie – there is a limit a to our love. And the vehicle above has crossed over said limit, knocking a few things over with its ghetto booty while it was at it. Right about now, you should be scratching your head (or other parts) and wondering what the heck it is you're looking at, so we'll tell you. It's a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora modified into a sort of coupe-pickup-thing, to be specific. Strictly speaking, behind the driver and passenger it's all trunk, but while we don't generally geek over pickup-car conversions like some other sites on the net (who shall remain nameless), we wonder what the point is here.

The Scattare (Italian for "jump", as in "jump out of the way") is the unfortunate work of DiMora Designs, a division of same company that's been working on the DiMora Motors Natalia SLS 2, a luxury sedan with little more than its $2 million target price tag to show for itself thus far. And while we appreciate the creativity and the apparent craftsmanship on display with the Scattare, please understand if it doesn't exactly fill us with hope for dear Natalia.

DiMora Designs recently began work on modifying another Olds Aurora, this one from 1996. Project Manager Jim Willis says he doesn't plan to change it much, just little tweaks like converting this front-engine car into a mid-engine car. Yikes! Stay tuned – but in the meantime, click on the thumbnails below to jump to the gallery... and don't say we didn't warn you.

[Source: DiMora]

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