Good Samaritans and off-duty police officers helped sav... Good Samaritans and off-duty police officers helped save the lives of a mother and daughter trapped underneath a car Monday. (Photo courtesy ABC-TV).

Fast-acting Good Samaritans helped save the lives of a mother and child who were run over and trapped underneath a car in Aurora, Colorado.

Sgt. Matt Brukbacher of the Aurora Police Department was the first on-duty officer on the scene Monday night.

"I figured if we didn't get the car off of them immediately there would be some issues with breathing and I don't know if they would have survived, so I kind of hollered at some of the folks from around and I said, 'Hey, let's get this car up.'"

The victim, Kipinga Muanza Kalala, 37, was crossing a street with her three children. Police say they were crossing where there were not crosswalks, and the driver of a Kia Rio could not stop in time once he saw them. Her four-year-old twin boys were not pinned under the car.

Jeff Simpson and his 16-year-old step-daughters were among several witnesses who pitched in to help the police officer. "He counted to three and we just got the car right up off of her," said Simpson, according to Fox31.

The mother was severely injured with head wounds and several broken bones. Two-year-old Angela had burns, severe lacerations and abrasions.

"Just knowing that we possibly did help the little girl and her mom, it's just a nice feeling that they're going to be OK," says Nashelle Gibson in the Fox31 report.

"I had two people that were possibly going to die. I wasn't going to let that happen with me just standing there," Brukbacher says.

The driver of the car will not be charged.

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