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The last Plymouth ever built is a 68-mile Neon, it sold for $19,000

Would you rock the final Plymouth to roll off the assembly line?

Junkyard Gem: 2005 Dodge Neon AAR

Chrysler never built an AAR Neon, but some aftermarket SRT-4 body parts made it happen

The Dodge Neon is coming back... to Mexico

FCA is reportedly planning to sell a Dodge Neon again, but only in Mexico. And this time, it will be a rebadged version of the budget-oriented Fiat Tipo sedan made in Turkey.

Watch dual-engined Dodge SRT4 do a FWD burnout, a RWD burnout, then AWD launch

There's something fantastically insane about racers who go out on their own and build something unique. Just take this crazy video from last year of a twin-engine Dodge SRT4 at a drag strip that can burn the rubber at either end – or both ends – at a moment's notice.