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Destroying Cars In Virtual Reality | AutoblogVR

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes 360-degree look at Autoblog's original series CarBoom!

We dropped a piano onto a car Wile E. Coyote style | CarBoom!

But not before unleashing a symphony of destruction

For our grand finale of CarBoom! season one, we drop a piano onto a car.

We filled a car with watermelons and then destroyed it | CarBoom!

Taking those hydraulic press videos to a whole new level.

On this episode of CarBoom! we crush a car filled with fruit. Because why not?

Smashing two cars together in mid-air | CarBoom!

Of course, we follow it up with a giant explosion

On this CarBoom! we smash 2 cars together in mid-air.

Dropping a car from 120 feet ... onto another car | CarBoom!

We also find out if 20 old mattresses can break the fall

On this CarBoom! we drop a car onto a car, nosedive style!

A ninja, a viking, and a strongman walk into a junkyard | CarBoom!

On this CarBoom! we get three warriors to mangle a car.

Episode 2: Robosaurus Attacks | CarBoom!

Watch Robosaurus tear a car in half. Also, there's fire. Lots of fire.

On this CarBoom!, it's car vs. giant metal dinosaur.

Introducing CarBoom! A show about destroying cars

Episode 1: The Big Bangs

This is CarBoom! A show where we blow up cars for fun.