Destroying Cars In Virtual Reality | AutoblogVR

The year is coming to a close and we're looking back on 2016 with extremely fond memories here at Autoblog. In the last 365 days we traveled to the end of the earth, broke the internet with a video of a Chinese bus concept, and launched a series all about destroying cars in ridiculous ways called CarBoom!

Unfortunately, we didn't have a 360-degree camera with us in Patagonia, but we did manage to capture some awesome 360-degree footage while filming CarBoom! Thankfully, we didn't end up blowing up the camera along with the cars, so we've cut together some of the coolest shots from the first season of CarBoom! so you can enjoy them in glorious virtual reality.

Each week, new episodes will launch on the AutoblogVR App. We'll be posting them here on Autoblog, but for the best experience, head over to the app, which you can download for free from the App store and Google Play. Be sure to try it with a cardboard viewer, too!


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