We dropped a piano onto a car Wile E. Coyote style | CarBoom!

But not before unleashing a symphony of destruction

This season on CarBoom! we've exploded, smashed, crushed, and destroyed cars in some truly outlandish ways. To complete season one, we're conducting a symphony of destruction to play us out.

First, we drop a guitar, a drum kit, a cello, and a trombone onto our unsuspecting subject. Some instruments fare better than others, but our car is left relatively in tact. We can't have that. To complete our orchestra of obliteration, we drop a full piano onto our doomed little coupe, Wile E. Coyote style. If you thought it was fun in the cartoons, you won't believe what it's like in real life, captured by ultra slow-motion.

We hope you've enjoyed all of the destruction this season and we hope we'll be able to bring you more explosive hijinks in the future. Until then, feast your eyes on the epic grand finale of the first season of CarBoom!

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