Episode 2: Robosaurus Attacks | CarBoom!

Watch Robosaurus tear a car in half. Also, there's fire. Lots of fire.

What can we say about CarBoom!? It's an Autoblog original video series and it's nothing but shameless, hedonistic, frequently pyrotechnic fun. We're not sorry.

On this episode, we pit a few unlucky clunkers against the goliath Robosaurus. If you're not familiar with the Robosaurus, it's a giant, fire-breathing, dinosaur-shaped robot that just so happens to have the strength and ability to totally mangle some cars. Naturally, we had to put it to the test.

Each week we'll be exploding, smashing, flinging, and straight-up eradicating anything on four wheels in the craziest ways we can think of. Be sure to check out the full series to catch all of the beautifully destructive action.

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