We filled a car with watermelons and then destroyed it | CarBoom!

Taking those hydraulic press videos to a whole new level.

CarBoom! is all about taking old cars that are set for demolition and coming up with all sorts of insanely epic sendoffs. We've seen everything from your classic giant explosion to a fire-breathing robot dinosaur, but this episode feature what might be our most inventive stunt yet.

You've probably seen those hydraulic press videos online. Phonebooks, ball bearings, and even cell phones get crushed in the machines, in ultra-slow motion. But we bet you've never seen a spin on the idea quite like this! We stuff a car full with 100 watermelons and crush it as flat as possible, then we flip it on its side and crush it again! Needless to say, it gets messy.

If you like what you see, tune in for our season finale next Wednesday at noon when we unleash a symphony of destruction... literally. We'll see you there, but until then, enjoy the especially juicy destruction this week on CarBoom!

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