Introducing CarBoom! A show about destroying cars

Episode 1: The Big Bangs

And, lo, the destruction of the cars came upon them.

What can we say about CarBoom!? It's Autoblog's newest video series and it's nothing but shameless, hedonistic, frequently pyrotechnic fun. We're not sorry.

Each week we'll be exploding, smashing, flinging, and straight-up eradicating anything on four wheels in the craziest ways we can think of. We're talking cliff diving, ninja-sword wielding, giant metallic fire-breathing ... well, maybe we shouldn't give too much away. Just know that it gets pretty ridiculous.

The first episode features two glorious demonstrations of disaster as we start the fun with a confetti-based twist on a classic, and end on a brutal big bang. Be sure to tune in weekly, Wednesdays at noon, to catch all of the beautifully destructive action.

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