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Application comes three days after BMW lets the trademark lapse

BMW re-applied to trademark "M7" this month, which might mean something, or might mean nothing. After many years of batting away requests for a BMW M7, the carmaker applied for the trademark in September 2011, getting approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in April 2012. Instead of renewing the trademark before it lapsed this April 28, BMW waited three days and re-filed for the name on May 1. Now the automaker will need to go through the approval process again.

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We like it, but would probably take four extra cylinders and the M760i

Alpina was founded in Germany in 1965. The company has close ties with BMW, as close as any tuner or aftermarket company really could have. In fact, the German government recognizes Alpina as a manufacturer, not just an aftermarket tuner. In the US, Alpina cars are sold with full warranties through BMW dealers. Techs are fully trained to work on these cars.

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BMW really is into this big kidney grille.

BMW is leaving traditional gauges in the past.


Consumption in America got even more conspicuous with the E32 7-Series.

The V12-powered BMW E32 7-Series cars get all the attention now, but the straight-six E32s were worthy Mercedes-Benz S-Class competitors as well.


The 2019 BMW 740e hybrid will get more power, better batteries, and more electric driving range.


The 2019 Jeep Cherokee isn't the first car to get a new look midway through its life

We list 10 cars in recent memory that got major midcycle redesigns to correct unpopular styling, including the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.


This is the uncorked M Driver's model

It's unclear if that's a false reading.

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Stop them now before they get traction.

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It looks like the big coupe can dance.

The car is likely based on the fullsize 7-Series sedan.

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Big V12 Autobahn bomber, now fully depreciated

There's no depreciation like European luxury depreciation, especially with an incredibly complex V12-powered technological masterpiece.


Time to throw out that tennis ball on a string in the garage.

Home Zone Park Assist is another baby step on the road to autonomous cars.


BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a limited-edition 7 Series, only five of which are coming to America, and all of them in M760i xDrive spec.


BMW will recall the 2016 7 Series because a short circuit can potentially prevent the airbags from deploying. There are no reports of accidents or injuries.


Toyota Mirai, Audi R8, and BMW 7 Series also honored.

The five winners of the 2016 World Car of the Year winners include the Mazda MX-5 Miata (a double winner) Toyota Mirai, Audi R8, and BMW 7 Series.

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