Hyundai has proven to the world it can build high-quality and reliable cars that rival mainstream brands like Toyota and Chevy. Now it wants to prove it can build an iconic sports car to boost its image and say to the world that Hyundai is exciting and dynamic. Speaking at last week's Sydney Motor Show, Hyundai's general manager of European design Raphael Bretecher revealed a desire to launch such a car.

"As a car designer I would like to make the icon, that is obvious," he said. "But this company looks at what is most profitable and that is what must be delivered first." Bretecher used Audi's TT as an example of what he envisaged a modern icon should be and explained how that one car embodies the entire Audi philosophy.

The only problem is convincing bosses back in Korea to think along the same lines. Another issue bosses need convincing of is creating a new global look for Hyundai, something Bretecher admits will take some time to implement. Pictured above is the Veloster concept car, which was displayed in Sydney. The concept was designed in Korea and gives a clue as to a new look that could unify future Hyundai designs.


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