Will the real Tahoe/Yukon Hybrid MSRP please stand up?

Hybrid vehicles still don't make much sense for automakers. The cost of the technology is more than what consumers are willing to pay and in many cases the fuel-saving benefits can be achieved with a simple diesel motor (at least in Europe). Because of this, coming up with the right sticker price can be a major stumbling block. Price it too high and no one will want to buy your hybrid, but discount it too much and money will be lost on every model sold.

GM got into a spot of bother recently when alleged prices for its new full-size hybrids SUVs were released on its website last month. The problem was that the listed prices "were too low" according to GM spokesman Terry Rhadigan. The Chevy Tahoe 4-Door two-wheel drive hybrid was listed at $47,915 and the four-wheel drive was listed at $50,720. The GMC Yukon two-wheel drive hybrid came in at $48,370.

The 'correct' prices are scheduled to be announced next week, though Popular Mechanics already have the two listed as $49,270 for the Yukon Hybrid 2WD and $48,815 for the Tahoe Hybrid 2WD. If that's the case, then the prices accidentally released last month weren't off by all that much.

$49,270 and $48,815, respectively

[Source: The Detroit News]

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