Tokyo Motor Show: Live shots of the BMW 1 series tii concept

Click above image to view live pics of the BMW tii concept

BMW's 1-Series tii concept was just revealed and we can now bring you live shots of this stunning coupe from the floor of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The tii is based on the recently launched 1-Series coupe, but is a leaner, meaner, more hardcore version of the entry level Beemer. The enhanced bodykit and carbon fiber parts give it a purposeful stance that just exudes motorsport, as well as lowering the car's weight and making it aerodynamically sliippier. On the inside, we especially dig the white steering wheel and Alcantara trimmed interior. Click here for the original post on the tii, or check out the gallery below for pics of the car shot live.

All live photos ©2007 Siddharth Raja / Weblogs, Inc.

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