The old saying 'one man's junk is another man's treasure' couldn't be more true in the case of UK entrepreneur Peter Hobson and his vast collection of scrapped Land Rovers. Hobson runs a factory refurbishing old parts pulled from wrecked Land Rover SUVs and reselling them as spares.

"I've got the largest Land Rover parts store outside Land Rover," 60-year-old Hobson reveals about his store of spares, amassed over the last two decades. Some of the parts, like whole engines, cost upwards of £7,000 ($14,600) and then there are the complete cars. In all, Hobson estimates the value of his collection to be close to £25m ($50m).

So sought after is his services that he's even been hired by military groups around the world for the supply of armored vehicles. "I supply many armies around the world," Hobson boasts, with armies from Turkey, Jordan, Australia and a string of Middle-Eastern nations all listed as clients. Of course, Hobson's main client is the UK Ministry of Defence. It is a British company after all.

[Source: BBC]

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