Every time we hear that the European Commission has come up with a new proposal for the car industry, the general consensus amongst the Autoblog team has been 'oh no, not another one.' This time around, the Commission's latest proposal actually makes sense to us and is something we'd like to see implemented in other parts of the globe. Officials on Monday proposed that all new cars be fitted with an advanced braking system that can detect an emergency and cut reaction times for applying the brakes.

The hope is that all cars from 2009 onwards will feature new Brake Assist Systems as part of a greater plan to protect pedestrians. The set-up works by releasing pressurized brake fluid into the braking system as soon as the driver touches the brake pedal, applying greater stopping power in an instant.

Up to 1,100 lives could be saved each year, according to European Union officials. The good news is that the auto industry is also backing the proposal and the costs involved are expected to be minimal.

[Source: Detroit News]

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