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The Jetfoiler serves as a training tool for the endeavoring kiteboarder, while opening doors for a new population of riders at the same time. With its use of efoils to power the board and optional cruise control. This board pushes the limits of watersports like never before.

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Lilium has successfully tested its all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet for the first time. Take off is operated by a computer. Expected to launch to the public by 2025 this could be a future option on how we choose to get around.

Long Term

We've sampled each end of the Miata spectrum, and brought you a handy guide.

Buying Guide

We examine the pricing and options of the Chevy Malibu and Honda Accord.

Bang For The Buck

Why the cover car of the moment is also a good deal.


Model S and Model X are affected.

The issue stems from a third-party supplier, Brembo.


Delphi also wants to work with automakers on future products.


The horrifying experience was caught on video.

What a drag, man.


The build quality on this homemade convertible is better than usual.

Technically speaking, this Sawzall Convertible is really a Sawzall Roadster, but we'll stick with the traditional name for a de-roofed hooptie.


It's less expensive than that V8 swap you've considered.

Flyin' Miata is the sole US distributor.


Volkswagen denies the allegations.

Reported problems range from EGR trouble to DPF failure.


The mountain bike that came with it is long gone.

Hoping to lure outdoorsy, athletic types to the Jetta and Golf, Volkswagen partnered with the Trek bicycle company and sold Trek Edition cars with matching mountain bikes.


Tesla chief Elon Musk tries to ward off a strike that could threaten the Model 3 debut.


China's event is a microcosm for global trends.

Analysis from the floor.