A driver in California had a terrifying commute after he got tangled up with a tractor trailer and dragged for four miles through the Southern California desert.

According to KERO, Brian Steimke was cruising up Interstate 15 through the Cajon Pass when he spotted a red Nissan being dragged along the highway by a tractor trailer. The truck was pulling a pair of pup trailers loaded with goods from Grimmway Farms in Bakersfield, and the Nissan was wedged under the rearmost trailer's driver's side wheels. Steimke drove past the terrified Nissan driver, who begged him to get the trucker to pull over, and up to the cab. The truck driver, seemingly oblivious to both the Nissan he was dragging and all the other drivers honking and waving at him to get his attention, just soldiered on. Eventually, another driver got in front of the rig and forced the driver to stop. Steimke confronted him, and he admitted that he had no idea he was dragging the Nissan.

Grimmway Farms Director of Safety Joel Sherman released a statement regarding the incident and the trucker.

"At approximately 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 19, a traffic incident occurred that involved a contracted truck driver and another vehicle traveling on the Cajon Pass portion of I-15. Safety is our top priority and we immediately launched a comprehensive investigation into the matter. Thankfully, there were no injuries associated with this unfortunate event. The California Highway Patrol was at the scene, took a report, and we refer you to the CHP for any further information regarding this accident."

Thankfully, according to the California Highway Patrol, no one was hurt in the incident. That poor Nissan is probably a total loss, though.

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