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The birth of the all-new 9-5 may have been fraught with peril, but Saab's new sedan has the goods to play toe-to-toe with Germany's elite.

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It pays to be an executive for General Motors. Actually, scratch that... it will soon pay to be an executive with General Motors, assuming that the automaker's upcoming Initial Public Offering takes place according to plan. According to our friends at TheDetroitBureau.com, a dozen top officials at the company could be looking at a payday totaling as much as $13 million or more, depending on the value of GM stock after the IPO.

It's no secret that Fiat products are economical. For the third year in a row, Fiat has been recognized as Europe's most environmentally-friendly brand with average CO2 emissions of just 127.8 grams per kilometer. Thus, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that a Fiat product was chosen out of 241 competitors as the most economical in the land. The German Automobilclub (ADAC) carried out testing on fuel-powered vehicles to find out just how far €30 (about $36 U.S. at the current exchange

One advantage of being an automaker that produces nothing but plug-in vehicles is earning zero-emissions credits. It's long been thought that those credits would at some point become a valuable commodity. Back in 2007 when Phoenix Motorcars was still around, a big chunk of its business plan revolved around revenue from those credits. Phoenix went bust before they were ever able to deliver any vehicles, but Tesla Motors has picked up the idea.

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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live with an electric vehicle (EV) for more than a month while covering thousands of miles in Europe, you're not alone. Whether you're eager to learn more about the real-world viability of EVs or you've just got a hankering to say, "I told you so," the BBC's epic EV journey surely won't disappoint.

Without any small-car offerings, Chrysler has an incomplete product lineup. Ditto for Lancia. But Fiat's other offspring lacks larger vehicles. Since Fiat controls both brands, it looks like a match made in heaven, right? Maybe, but not just for North America.

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Get a job, get in shape. Or something like that. Whatever you want to call it, Volkswagen is taking the rather unusual step of putting all of the newly hired production line workers at its new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee into a mandatory fitness program before they can begin working.

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Google, a company so large that it's become both a noun and a verb, is spreading the goodness of its Google Maps programming even further into the automotive realm with the announcement that it's now being incorporated into General Motors' OnStar eNav technology.

When the 2011 Countryman goes on sale later this year, it will be the largest offering from Mini, boasting four doors, raised ground clearance and all-wheel drive. And while the Countryman proves that Mini isn't so, well, mini anymore, Auto Express is stirring the rumormill by reporting that the automaker is working on an even larger version of the Countryman, complete with a longer wheelbase that will accommodate a third row of seats out back.