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Does the Clean Air Act give the EPA power to regulate greenhouse gases? If so, can the EPA avoid exercising that authority simply because it doesn't want to? These are the two primary questions David Bookbinder, senior attorney for the Sierra Club, wants the U.S. Supreme Court to answer when Massachusetts v. EPA goes to trial in December.

Back in June, Cheryl introduced you to the name Fran Pavley. Ms. Pavley, a member of the California Legislature, has been battling the auto manufacturers since she began her stint in public office 6 years ago and is largely to thank for California passing a landmark bill forcing industries to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by about 25 percent by 2020.

UPDATED: The Audi new-product blitz that we reported on earlier this year is starting to take shape, and the latest word is that the forthcoming A5 and A7 coupes will be matched with cabriolet models.

The A1 Grand Prix series, which enjoyed its debut season last year, has announced that it intends to upgrade its one-design racecars to a level closer to that of Formula 1. (The current A1GP Lola/Zytek is shown at right, in last week's group test at Silverstone.)

If we've learned anything from the JCB Dieselmax team, it's that records are meant to be broken, and why should our four-wheeled friends have all the fun? Last weekend the International Motorcycle Speed Trials began at the Bonneville Salt Flats with a record breaking two-wheel run by Team TOP 1 ACK Attack. The team's two-wheeled streamliner owned and designed by Mike Akatiff and piloted by Rocky Robinson achieved a combined two-way average of speed of 342.797 mph, demolishing the old record of 3

Last week, California politicians (Gov. Schwarzenegger and state Democrats, mostly) reached an agreement on a massive greenhouse gas emissions law. Yesterday, BP America announced it will work with the Governor to "develop workable, market-based strategies for implementation of climate change legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout California".

TechArt is at it again. This time, the subject of its attention is the new-for-2007 Porsche 911 Turbo. No engine modifications are ready yet, so those looking to see what kind of obscene power TechArt is able to draw out of the Turbo's mill will have to wait patiently and make do with the 480+ horsepower it makes in stock form.

John O'Quinn is a lawyer. A rich one. He made his money in a tobacco lawsuit settlement, and disposable income is no longer a problem for him. He demonstrated this at this past weekend's Kruse International auction in Indiana, where a $1.3 Million shopping spree left his bank accounts a little lighter and his garage a little more crowded. His new toys included not only the 1995 Batman Forever Batmobile ($350,000), but also the following:

Ethanol membership in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) is now up to four. Team RAC recently announced that they'll be running the MG ZS cars of drivers Colin Turkington and Rob Collard on the E85 mixture for the 22 round at Knockhill. Jason Hughes of Kartworld Racing also running an MG ZS made the move to ethanol for on the 16th round.

Even though the slight decline in fuel prices might have reduced the worry in some of us, more and more investors are starting to believe we are now close to the peak of global oil production. If the world is currently at or near its peak oil capacity, it would mean the end for cheap and abundant crude in the near future. While some might say the lack of abundant oil has already lead to war, things could get significantly worse, according to some geologists' theory known as peak oil. Clearly, th

Congressman Ed Markey (MA) has released a new report entitled Tipping the Scales to coincide with a bill titled H.R. 5579, the No Special Subsidies for Gas Guzzlers Act. The report focuses on the tax loophole that exempts people purchasing an SUV from paying a gas-guzzler tax, which is normally applied to the purchase of any vehicle returning less than 22.5 mpg. The report points out that, for instance, someone buying a 20.5 mpg Audi gets dinged by a $1,300 gas-guzzler tax, while someone purchas

A federal court judge just did what many fellow racers were never able to do: Slow Carroll Shelby down. One-time Shelby Mustang licensee Jon Wilhelm of Wilhelm Motor Works was given the green light to proceed with a huge ($250 mil) countersuit against Carroll Shelby International, Inc., Carroll Shelby Licensing, and the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust in Shelby's suit against Wilhelm for continuing to create Shelby Mustang recreations without a license.