Audi readies pair of ragtops

UPDATED: The Audi new-product blitz that we reported on earlier this year is starting to take shape, and the latest word is that the forthcoming A5 and A7 coupes will be matched with cabriolet models.
First up will be an open-air version of the A5, which will appear in late 2008, a year after the debut of the A5 Coupe. Further down the road, the A7 Coupe, launching in late 2010, will be matched by a cabriolet model in mid-2011. Bucking the current trend to folding hardtops, the current plans for the A5 and A7 cabs call for a traditional soft top, although a hardtop alternative is being considered.

Both the A5 and A7 are niche-market cars based on the A4 and A6 models, respectively, sharing powertrains and running gear with their mass-market siblings.

The two-door A5 offers classic 2+2 seating, with automatically deploying roll bars to protect the rear seat passengers. The A7 Cabriolet will be a true four-seater, featuring rear suicide doors to facilitate rear seat access while maintaining chassis stiffness in the big convertible.

[Source: AUTO BILD]

UPDATE: Images removed upon the request of AUTO BILD, follow link to view.

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