2-wheel land speed record falls in the flats

If we've learned anything from the JCB Dieselmax team, it's that records are meant to be broken, and why should our four-wheeled friends have all the fun? Last weekend the International Motorcycle Speed Trials began at the Bonneville Salt Flats with a record breaking two-wheel run by Team TOP 1 ACK Attack. The team's two-wheeled streamliner owned and designed by Mike Akatiff and piloted by Rocky Robinson achieved a combined two-way average of speed of 342.797 mph, demolishing the old record of 322.149 mph by over 20 mph. Within the first two hours of the event's kick off, "the Ack" recorded its first pass of 344 mph and a second at around 340 mph. Everything went smoothly reports Cycle News, except for the part when the parachute was supposed to deploy. It took Robinson five yanks on the lever to make it actuate. Yikes.

Many other teams are waiting in the wings to break the new record this week, but Team Attack claims it was only using 75 percent of its two-wheeler's potential. Before the week is over we should expect a standing two-wheel speed record of at least 350 mph from someone out in the flats.

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[Source: CycleNews]

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