Jeep reveals its first fully-electric SUV

It launches next year

Stellantis has laid out its strategic plan through to 2030, and it featured a couple of surprise product announcements. The most unexpected was this, the reveal of Jeep's very first all-electric SUV. It's not camouflaged or hidden in shadows. It's just right there.

Strangely, this cheery yellow SUV has no name, or at least Stellantis didn't share it. It looks like it's a relatively small SUV, possibly around the size of a Compass. Of course, with the flexibility of packaging made possible by electrification, it can be difficult to judge the actual size of an EV from photos alone (take the surprisingly sizable Hyundai Ioniq 5 for example).

Jeep electric SUV

The design is what we would expect from Jeep. It's suitably chunky with chiseled fender lines and plenty of plastic cladding. It also has a contrasting roof color and split headlights. The rear door has a hidden handle up in the C-pillar, and the taillights have an "X" motif like that of the Renegade.

Jeep also didn't provide any details on powertrain. If it's as small as we think it is, it may be on the STLA Small platform, which can accommodate anywhere between 37 to 82 kWh of capacity and as high as 300 miles of range. We should know more within the year, as it launches early in 2023. It's not the only fully electric Jeep on the way, either. Stellantis announced that a more off-road focused model and a "lifestyle family SUV" will both launch in 2024 as part of a major EV push.

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