Honda brings an off-road Fit and a tiny food truck to virtual Tokyo Auto Salon

We probably wouldn't go too far off-road with the Fit

Although the Tokyo Auto Salon custom car show won't be opening for in-person visiting next week, it will be operating virtually, and automakers still have plenty of neat reveals. We've already seen Daihatsu's charming crop of tiny customs, and now Honda has shown a couple of its machines, one of which is an off-road-oriented Honda Fit, and the other a Honda N-Van prepped for food truck duty.

The Fit is shown above, and it's based on the already crossover-ized Fit Crosstar. The Crosstar features plastic fender flares and body cladding, a unique front fascia and a slight ride height lift geared for dirt roads. This custom model gets a further redesigned front bumper with a slimmer main grille, simple pill-shaped lower grille with big fog lights, and an aluminum accent meant to evoke a skid plate. The suspension doesn't look like it's been altered any further, or if so, it's very slight, but white-letter all-terrain tires have been fitted to plain black steel wheels. The tires look pretty tall, which may give the Fit a tad more ground clearance. It's all topped off with a Yakima roof basket and cargo tubs, plus a rugged tan and black paint scheme.

The custom Honda N-Van, curiously named "3rd Place Van" according to Google Translate, looks like it would be much happier on pavement and in parking lots. It has been turned into a tiny food truck of sorts. On the outside, it has been given a wrap to make it look like it's made of bare aluminum like an old and much larger commercial van. It works great with the N-Van's boxy shape and it's corrugated accent lines down the side. Adding to that commercial look are amber clearance lights above the windshield and black steel wheels.

It's harder to see what all Honda has done to the inside to make it a food truck, but we can make out a counter toward the back, and the front areas may hold foods for purchase and other decorations. Honda does seem to be making the best use of the N-Van's surprising amount of space and access; all of the N-Van's seats can fold flat into the floor, except the driver's seat, of course, and there's no pillar between the front and rear doors.

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