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Ferrari Purosangue test mule spied running about Europe

It's hiding in the body of a Maserati Levante

Ferrari Purosangue mule spied
Ferrari Purosangue mule spied / Image Credit: KGP Photography
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Here’s a car we’ve heard plenty about but don’t get to see too often: The Ferrari Purosangue. Unfortunately, this short glimpse of the Ferrari SUV out in the wild is of a test mule wearing a chopped and heavily modified Maserati Levante body. That means we still don’t know what the crossover will actually look like. Though, even this test mule can give us a few basic details.

Starting with the proportions, this Purosangue test mule looks much lower than the Maserati. It’s difficult to tell length with nothing to compare to, but the rear door does look shorter than that of a Levante. We’d expect utility to take a backseat for the Ferrari SUV anyway. Despite the obviously slammed ride height, there’s still enough visible wheel gap to indicate an SUV stance. Ferrari is surely prioritizing lap times over rock crawling performance with the Purosangue.

One other visible element is the gigantic brake rotor visible through the revealing front wheel. There’s no Levante variant (even the Trofeo) that has such massive brakes, suggesting that this is something out of Maranello. The rotor itself looks like a dark grey in color, so it might even be a carbon ceramic rotor, but it’s tough to be sure from so far away. Tire size is not even remotely visible, but the rubber in the back looks sufficiently meaty to us.

The last bit we’ll point out is the exhaust exiting awkwardly out the back. This being a mule, fitment is far from perfect, another indicator that this vehicle is no regular Maserati in testing. Our spy shooter didn’t give us any indication of what kind of noise was emanating from that exhaust.

We haven’t heard any rumors since last year, but back then a report suggested that a 2021 reveal was possible. The engine ideas ran the gamut, from V6 hybrids to a flagship V12. Let’s hope Ferrari starts testing with proper prototypes soon, so we can get an idea of what the crossover’s real design will look like.

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