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Ferrari SUV and Aston Martin in Formula E? | Autoblog Podcast #529

We also debate the Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and discuss Nissan ProPilot.

And, of course, we spend your money.

Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari-powered Scion drifts, crashes, fixes, and drifts again

If at first you outright fail, try again

You can't keep a good drift car down.

Watch team build life-size Ferrari F1 car from Lego bricks

It's lighter than the real thing

Even the tires are made from Lego bricks.

Santa swaps his sleigh for a Ferrari-powered Toyota

Not much cargo space for presents.

Reindeer don't make these sounds.

Jay Leno's first time behind the wheel of the F40 is a magical moment

Leno has nothing but good things to say about the icon.

Jay Leno gets five of Ferrari's greatest hits together for an epic track day

One avid Ferrari collector gives Leno the opportunity of a lifetime.

Yes, a Ferrari-swapped Toyota can do donuts around a Ferrari

The frankensupercar meets its donor for a smoky good time.

You've heard the GT86 with a Ferrari engine roar. Now watch it drift.

A Ferrari-swapped Toyota GT86 sounds menacing

The Ferrari-powered Toyota finally roars to life!

This 1967 Ferrari 275 is Jay Leno's teenage dream car

Leno loves the simplicity and purity of this classic Ferrari.

Watch Rimac's Concept One roast a LaFerrari and Tesla Model S in a drag race

Or, how to make a Ferrari look slow.

Sorry, Tesla, but this electric supercar is faster.

Mercedes SL backs into Ferrari 458 Speciale while parking

This cars and coffee crash didn't involve a Mustang.

There was a bizarre crash at a Virginia cars and coffee that ended with a failed parallel parking attempt and a Mercedes 380SL on top of a Ferrari 458's nose.

Behold the mad genius of the Ferrari-powered Toyota 86

The JDM frankensupercar will be Ryan Tuerck’s wild drift machine.

You have a Hellcat? That's cute.

When a Ferrari and a Toyota GT86 get jiggy, strange things happen

This is not your typical V8 engine swap.

This Toyota GT86 gets an unusual powertrain from Italy.

Ferrari F12 TdF shrieks like a banshee on the Gumball

There's nothing like the unbridled wail of a high-revving atmospheric V12. The F12 TdF's 6.3-liter engine sounds fantastic.

How to polish car paint | Autoblog Details

Here's how to quickly and properly polish your car's paint to increase the depth and shine of your clear coat with a dual action polisher.

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