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BMW M4 spied with wild stacked center exhaust, could be a GTS

It's unlike any other M4 we've spied

BMW M4 GTS spied
BMW M4 GTS spied / Image Credit: @autokind
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The standard (and still yet-to-be-revealed) BMW M4 has a relatively normal quad-tipped exhaust with twin pipes on each side of the bumper. The prototype we’re looking at here is totally different, as it features a stacked, center-exit quad exhaust design. 

It’s reminiscent of Lexus F performance cars like the IS F, RC F and GS F, but instead of putting the stacked exhaust on the corners, BMW has jammed it all right into the center of the bumper. The look is rather exotic in nature, but it looks especially weird when all the other sporty bits are covered up in camouflage. We won’t judge the design without seeing it as a full package. At the very least, we think it has potential to look exceedingly cool. Let’s just hope BMW has gotten the exhaust note for the 3.0-liter turbo inline-six right this time around.

As for the rest of the car, the design suggests this is a high performance M4 variant that goes above the standard M4 Competition. That large wing mounted on the decklid is screaming GTS at us, but we can’t rule out the possibility of this being a CS trim either. Although, if we assume the launch cadence of this generation of M4 will be anything like the last, the CS will be the last of the variants to be rolled out. That only gives more credence to this being a GTS.

In addition to the new exhaust and wing, this one has new diffuser fins attached to the rear. The front splitter looks to be a hair more aggressive, but BMW has retained the same grille and venting setup. Our view of the wheel and tire setup is compromised at best, but they appear to be high performance Michelins. Some big red brake calipers are lurking behind the dark painted wheels, too.

We’re not sure when this model will come to life, but assuming it is the GTS, it will most likely be the highest performing M4 throughout this generation’s lifespan.

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