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Is this the Ford Maverick, the Bronco Sport-based pickup?

The camo makes it look like a next-gen Flex, but we dug deeper

Ford unibody prototype
Ford unibody prototype / Image Credit: SpiedBilde
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My first guess was next-generation Ford Flex. Its wheelbase and length seemed identical to the Ford Explorer, and it sure was extra boxy. But then keener minds convened (or at least those less excited about a new Flex), and hypothesized that what we have here is the Ford Maverick: the rumored crossover truck based on the Bronco Sport

The first clue was Associate Editor Byron Hurd spotting the front brakes: the calipers are mounted at the front, which is almost always a dead giveaway for a front-wheel-drive-based vehicle. First nail in the Explorer coffin, then. Hurd added that the rear suspension is different from Explorer. 

Then I climbed to the top of Autoblog headquarters and fired up the Dan Edmunds Signal. Our contributing engineer hero confirmed the brake bit and chimed in that there was lots of wheelhouse space, making something like a Flex seem further unlikely and also countering my original thought that "it's way too low for a truck." It is, but in this case, it doesn't matter. He also wisely explained the enormous back doors by positing that they are combining with the goofy-long roof to disguise a crew cab and the front of a truck bed. 

There's also a curious box in the middle of the roof that could be hiding a sharkfin-style antenna -- roughly where a crew cab would end. 

Finally, the front end is sure shaped like a Bronco Sport

So, we certainly don't know for sure, but a group effort sure makes the Ford Maverick pickup the best hypothesis. I don't know, I'm still holding out hope for a new Flex. What do you think? 

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