2020 Chevy Corvette loses High Rear Wing option, but gains new accessories

Supplier issues banish another carbon fiber favorite

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
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Toward the end of March, the Corvette Forum got confirmation Chevrolet yanked availability of the High Wing Spoiler, Chevrolet listing the reason as a "Supplier Restriction." Corvette Blogger reported the same week that the wing supplier had shut down due to the coronavirus, but the wing revocation only applied to Corvettes with a target build of the week of April 20. The automaker notice had come only six days after GM closed the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, long before anyone knew what the last two months would look like. In the interim, it seems things have changed: Muscle Cars & Trucks writes that "the [High Wing Spoiler] option will no longer be available for 2020" in either painted or carbon fiber flavors. If this is true, the wing goes the way of the visible carbon fiber aero kit that GM had to strip from orders earlier this year because the supplier couldn't meet demand.

MCT says the complete aero kit won't return before next year, but certain kit components are available in painted finishes right now, and visible carbon rocker panels will become a standalone option in Q3 of this year. 

Corvette Blogger reports a number of other options being added to the configurator in Q3, announced during the virtual National Corvette Museum bash when Corvette team members revealed two new colors for 2021 and an unchanged MSRP on the entry-level 1LT trim. There'll be new floor mats and cargo liners with Corvette Racing's "Jake" logo, priced at $195 for the mats and $135 for the load liners. A new indoor car cover with C8.R graphics is on the way in Yellow #3 livery first, priced at $1,195. Depending on demand, a Silver #4 livery could follow. Chevy is also working on ultra-high security lug nuts that enhance protection beyond the $90 wheel lock kit offered now. We've only seen one C8 on blocks so far, but it leaves a lasting impression.

The Corvette seems to be making the most of this wild year, though. Team members said there are 20,801 orders in the books for 2020, counting the roughly 2,700 cars already built and the production backlog. Slides from the presentation show America's sports car leading the luxury sports segment through the first four months of this year, moving 4,977 units compared to the second-placed Porsche 911 at 3,128 units. The BMW 8 Series is the only other model in the top 10 to break into four figures, at 1,654 units. Most buyers have stumped for the top-shelf 3LT trim in both coupe (44%) and convertible (56%) trims. Torch Red is by far the most popular exterior color at 25%, Arctic White uptake at 15% and black at 12%. Jet Black interiors account for 28% of sales, Jet Black contrasted with Red or Yellow accounts for another 15% combined. The most popular option by miles is the performance exhaust. The Z51 package has had 22% uptake, but 89% percent of buyers have gone with the rorty pipes.

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