UPDATE: 2020 Woodward Dream Cruise is canceled

Cruisers will probably still show up, even without roadside events and vendors

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Update: At the time of writing, the Woodward Dream Cruise hadn't officially cancelled any aspects of the event. Since then, the event's website has announced that all community events during the cruise have been cancelled. As a public road, Woodward Avenue will still be open, and there will likely be people cruising, but anything past that isn't happening. The text below has been changed to reflect this information.

According to the Detroit Free Press, both the Birmingham and Huntington Woods city councils in Michigan have voted unanimously against hosting the Woodward Dream Cruise. The reasons for this are coronavirus concerns and trying to keep crowds down to avoid spread of the virus. And indeed, the organizing body behind the cruise has cancelled all community events during the cruise have been cancelled.

These are two of nine cities that are along the route of the Dream Cruise. While other cities could certainly back the event, we wouldn't expect that any will, given how decisive the first two have been. We've reached out to Michael Lary, Dream Cruise president, for comment on the status of the event and while we never received a response, the website clearly notes the cancellation of related events to the cruise, which was planned for August 15.

At least in the cities that have voted against the event, Detroit Free Press reports that there won't be any roadside stands or events permitted. But as the news outlet also notes, the road certainly won't be closed down, nor will police just pull over people for cruising, since it is a public street. As such, people will probably still show up to cruise, just without the whole support system of displays, events and vendors. Even on regular weekends through the summer, Woodward Avenue sees lots of drivers cruising when there's good weather, building up to the Dream Cruise. Police don't pull over cruisers, either, unless they're speeding, racing or driving recklessly.

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