2021 Cadillac Escalade teases us with sliver of a design preview

Spike Lee and a short film he's produced will introduce the luxury SUV

We know the 2021 Cadillac Escalade will be breaking cover on February 4 to join its full-size GM truck compatriots. And now we know Spike Lee will have the honors of introducing the Cadillac at the Oscars through a short film he directed called “Anthem.”

Cadillac also took the opportunity to tease the new Escalade's front end with this nugget of a preview. We get to see the grille, headlight and DRL design of the 2021 Escalade, staring daggers through Spike Lee’s back in a studio. The grille is a traditional Escalade look, eschewing the grille design seen on more recent Cadillac SUVs like the XT6 and XT4. It uses larger silver bars that scythe across the front end as opposed to the mesh and speckled black/chrome seen on the Cadillac crossovers. Similar to the XT6, however, it does go with a horizontal main headlight and a vertical DRL. This marks a departure from the vertically-oriented headlights we’re used to seeing on the biggest Cadillac.

We’ll note that the bumper-width lower grille appears to be done in black, but there’s no shortage of chrome on this Escalade’s front end. Our best look at the interior is through a grainy video Cadillac teased to us about a month ago. It’s going to have 38 inches of curved screen, using OLED technology. That’s going to be lovely to look at. The front end teased in this photo is plenty fine, too, but we’re not seeing anything that’ll upset the apple cart from an exterior design perspective yet.

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