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Ford 'Baby Bronco' grille leaked

It says 'BRONCO' right on it

Earlier today, the folks at the Bronco6G.com forums showed off a headlight assembly from the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco. Now, they’ve clued us into yet another leaked part, this time from the smaller vehicle commonly referred to as the “Baby Bronco.” What you see pictured above, they say, is the grille of said Baby Bronco.

The first thing we notice is how different the shape of the headlights look compared to the circular, retro unit we saw for the bigger Bronco in our earlier post. The cutouts for the eyes of the the Baby Bronco are unmistakably oval.

Now look a little closer, at the center. You can see the name “BRONCO” stamped across the solid stripe running horizontally across the width of the grille between the headlights. That’s surrounded above and below by a mesh of ovals that replicate the shape of the headlights in miniature.

We also note that the grille as a whole is quite horizontal, without any swooping lines diverging vertically from this centerpiece. We’re not certain yet exactly what the sheet metal above or below this will look like, but what we’re seeing so far looks simple, wide and sturdy. In all, this jibes with the overall boxy look we’ve seen in spy shots of the Baby Bronco, but shows some differences from images that leaked early on from a dealer meeting. That’s not to say definitively that a circular headlight and horizontal signature lighting — like the larger Bronco — couldn’t live together within that headlight cutout, though. The lights in the spy shots look circular, after all:

Ford Baby Bronco
Ford Baby Bronco
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It’s a big day for Bronco family leaks, and we like what we’re seeing. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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