Lebanon Ford Mustang GT Project M offers 1,000 hp for $54,995

And you can get a six-speed manual transmission with it, too

If Lebanon Ford ever needs a theme song, it should start and stop the search with the 1990 banger by Snap!, "I've got the power." The Ohio dealer has taken another big step up the horsepower charts while maintaining the absurd pricing its known for, offering the 2020 Mustang GT Project M with 1,000 horsepower for $54,995. Built on a 300a model with cloth seats and keyless entry, the price includes the 10-speed automatic transmission option and Ford's GT Performance Package that fits gear like 19-inch wheels and six-piston Brembo front brakes, heavy duty front springs, a K-brace, and a larger radiator. Lebanon's upgrades add about $13,775 to the price, but buyers who don't want to crest the $50K barrier can uncheck the automatic and the performance package to drop the price to $49,995.

The extra grunt comes from a fielder's choice of a Whipple or Procharger supercharger. Both come with higher-spec kit like NGK spark plugs, cooler thermostat, a Fore Innovations double pump L2 fuel system and 1050X injectors. The Whipple 3.0 Gen 5 Stage 2 kit adds an oversized heat exchanger and a K2 IAT harness. The Procharger comes with straight-cut gears and a high-output race intercooler, and MMR intake manifold runner control lockouts for a cleaner look. Palm Beach Dyno programmed the tunes on an nGauge device for both setups, and every car sold comes with two different supercharger pulleys and dyno sheets for runs on 93 octane pump gas and E85.

The dual-fuel capability intends to serve a wider range of buyers. E85 and the smaller pulley is required for the full 1,000 hp. If E85 isn't readily available or the owner doesn't want all the power all the time, a larger pulley reduces boost and drops output to roughly 800 hp. Lebanon says the swapover can be done in minutes, requiring no more than the pulley switch and plugging in the nGauge to flash the appropriate tune.   

The big caveat: Project M is sold as-is with no warranty, since it's "not a basic street car with 700HP," but a "turn key 1000HP car that can also be driven on the street." We'll guess part of the reason for this is that Lebanon doesn't touch the rest of the car, so someone with $55,000 and no clue how to handle 1,000 hp can blow a whole lotta things up. The first choice on the short options list the dealer put together to help an owner tame the rabid equine is a $3,999 Protection Package that installs billet oil pump gears and 2,000-hp DSS half shafts. They address two easy weak links and come with the admonition, "Trust us, you need them."  

Check out the video above to watch Josh Hipp at Lebanon Ford tell the story.

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