Infiniti finally adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for 2020

It comes thanks to an updated infotainment system

Infiniti is finally bringing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into its 2020 model year lineup. The capability comes via the company’s next generation of Infiniti infotainment systems it announced today. It’s still called Infiniti InTouch and uses the same dual-screen setup, but the smartphone connection capability is completely new. Previous to this announcement, no Infinitis supported either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, even the recently redesigned QX50 crossover. The Japanese luxury brand has been one of the last holdouts in terms of smartphone connectivity.

Almost every 2020 Infiniti will gain the next-gen software for the 2020 model year — the QX60 is the only model that won’t get it. The next-gen InTouch system is also capable of being a Wi-Fi hotspot for as many as seven devices, so your gang of QX80 passengers can all be on Wi-Fi. Maps for the navigation system are also improved. A 3D city view was added in addition to Google Street satellite imagery. Infiniti says pairing your phone via Bluetooth will be easier, as it has streamlined the interface and adopted a new Bluetooth module and faster processor. Infiniti also promises more stability in the phone’s pairing to the car on account of the new Bluetooth module.

We’ll note that Infiniti chose to go with a wired Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connection. Others like BMW, Audi and Ford (just announced) are going the wireless route, with mixed success. The two connectivity features will also be standard. If you're considering an Infiniti and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are important to you (it probably should be), then waiting for 2020 is a good idea. 

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